184 m 2   (1 981 ft 2) 1,335 m 2   (14,370 ft 2)
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133 m 2   (1,432 ft 2) 876 m 2   (9,429 ft 2)
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Bakler - a new look at real estate in the USA

The US real estate catalog creates a new level of service that fundamentally changes the idea of \u200b\u200bthe process of buying a home in America.
                Offering an exclusive catalog including more than 150,000 relevant options   real estate of various levels and budgets, and is developing a universal solution for:

- relocation to the USA;
                - business;
                - investing capital;
                - obtaining a residence permit;
                - applying for an American visa.

A narrow specialization exclusively in American real estate makes it possible to organize a full range of services related to the purchase of housing and expert focus on Russian-speaking clients.
We do not just offer at home - we create the american dream for you!
                Today we are glad to present you our new US Property Directory with the most relevant and advantageous offers on the market.
                Specialists in our catalog are ready at any time:

- professionally choose for you the best option for real estate;
                - arrange for you an individual study tour;
                - provide complete information and show on-site the sights of the selected region and introduce the features of the district's infrastructure;
                - conduct a detailed online consultation of experts   on any questions you are interested in at a time convenient for you in Russian;
                - provide legal support for the purchase and sale transaction;
                - relieve you of any problems with the registration of real estate;
                - prepare the necessary package of documents for a visa or residency permit;
                - help in getting mortgage loan.

Just choose thatthat suits you, and the rest will be done by Bakler!

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